What is the use of an ancient portal in dragon city?

What is the use of an ancient portal in dragon city?

When the player reaches to level 27, then the player is introduced to the ancient portal. Earlier the old entrance was only available in pc versions but know it is also available in android and IOS.

The ancient portal can be used to summon ancient dragons. An ancient dragon can be invoked using a variety of dragon city cheats.

One ancient dragon is asked, you would automatically upgrade it level 5 to reach the platinum level. While summoning ancient dragons, there certain things should be kept in mind. Some of them are:

Mines and Habitat

Mines are used to obtaining crystals. Now it has to note that to build a mine enough number of golds are needed. To unlock a mine, you would need a platinum level and will also require a platinum level upgrade. Habitat is there to keep the ancient dragon in a secured environment.

The requirement of summing wall comes when the player wishes to summon the ancient dragon using crystals. Now there are three types of station that are needed after the dragon has been summoned.

One is known as crafting station; the other is known as evolution station, and the other is known as the breeding station. The crafting station is mainly used to fuse crystals and also for evolving the ancient dragon.

On the hand evolution station makes the ancient dragon evolve up to level 5 and also rewards with 750 k gold. The breeding station is the place where the breeding of the ancient dragon takes place.

After the dragons are breed that eggs that come along the way are hatched and can be used during combat. Buildings are automatically upgraded when the player chooses to enter the portal. The buildings can’t be built by the player.

Ancient farms

Ancient farms are one of the essential features that you need for ancient dragons. Since food is necessary for the dragons. Once the ancient dragons are feed properly, they automatically become more powerful.

To have an impeccable old dragon farm, you would need enough number of golds. In short, ancient farms are a necessity for your ancient dragon. As you move leaves in the game, you will have the ability to upgrade the farms according to your convenience.

Two old farms that are available in dragon city are big food farm and the food farm. The food farm can be unlocked at a level one and can provide you with a reward of exp 100. On the contrary the big food firm would be opened at level 18 and would result in an award of 100o exp.

Final thoughts

Ancient dragons are very hard to summon as you need an old portal to ask them. Also, you would need breeding satiations and other requirements to summon the dragon properly.

Once the dragon is summoned you would need three stations evolve them. The breeding farm act as a necessity since it becomes the source of food for the ancient dragons

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